lectureApeejay Stya Education Research Foundation views collaboration with think-tanks, Institutions and research organisations across the globe as a fundamental part of its objective.

For international collaborations, ASERF represents a foundation that is able to generate top quality analysis on a diverse range of Education policy issues, and offer researchers a strong and well-equipped infrastructure.

ASERF believes that collaborative Research and development must be initiated and sustained as equal partnerships in conceptualisation, funding and management.

Partnership Models

Broad Based Institutional Alliances
ASERF is always open to Institutional alliances with organisations from all over the world. Such partnerships could involve activities ranging from joint/collaborative projects, studies, publications (including books, reports and policy briefs), conferences, seminars, lectures and exchange of visits.

Project Based Cooperation
Project based interactions would be limited partnerships based on themes of shared concern. In such collaborative projects, ASERF would be happy to share financial, intellectual and organisational responsibility.

Periodic Partnerships
Mutual Research, discussion, exchange of ideas, brain storming sessions, colloquiums, joint hosting of seminars, conferences, and organising lectures by eminent persons are some of the activities that can be undertaken under this plan.

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