lectureThe following activity domains would enable ASERF to accomplish its stated aims and objectives:


  • To provide financial support to researchers to conduct studies and researches in education, covering both national and international perspectives
  • To survey and document best practices and innovations in different sectors of education in India and abroad, and to keep track of global trends in education, technology and its application
  • To provide assistance in Human Resource Development by creating a strong data base of Institutional Heads/ Teachers/ Administrators and other key functionaries
  • Carry out feasibility studies incorporating special client requirement
  • As a repository of information on education.

The Foundation will organise Training programmes/Workshops in the following areas:

  • Methodology of classroom transactions, and improvement of classroom practices for quality education
  • Updating the contents in different subjects of teachers at all levels
  • Professional development of teachers in different subjects
  • Leadership programmes for Heads of the institutions
  • Programmes on Career Planning and Personality Development (Interactive and participatory based on discussions, Individual work, Group work, Role-play, Case study, Feedback, Reflection and Social enquiry)
  • Benchmarking of Norms and Standards in each area of school curriculum for quality education
    Methodology: All training programmes will be based on training modules developed and tested.

Role as Think Tank
By organising conferences, seminars, colloquiums, symposia on thems such as:

  • Contemporary and emerging concerns in school and higher education
  • Role of private education providers in achieving the goal of education as a fundamental rights
  • Implication for allowing foreign examination bodies in the countries internal evaluation system
  • "Reservation" in higher and professional education institutions
  • Concept of Autonomy and Accountability in institutions of higher education
  • Role of normative public examination in students certification

Extension & Dissemination

  • To publish a high qulity "Journal of Education and Research"
  • To bring out "News letter" highlighting the important activities of the Foundation
  • To bring out occasional papers on current issues of education; and
  • To prepare, print and publish papers, periodicals and books on different aspects of education


  • Provide professional consultancy in key aspects of education in respect of schools, colleges and institutions of higher learning;
  • Offer professional input with regard to management of non-formal sector of education (Community education, Community learning, Social pedagogy etc).


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